October 29, 2009

I've been away from home for a little while, and it's good to be back. The show at Nine Lives was rad, and hanging out with those guys was fun as. The show went well, and already working out another one up there next year. Probably a duo show with Justin Lee Williams, we'll see. Also got some time on the coast up there too, not many waves around but got some body surfing in. And walking through the Noosa National Park is wonderful. Here's a couple of pics from the show. Some are mine and some are stolen from Chad, who can be found here.

It was the first time I'd been to Brisbane, and man it's a cool place. I pretty much didn't leave the Valley area, but it seemed like that was where the good shit was happening. Also was lucky enough to see the Nicholas Harding exhibition at Philip Bacon Gallery, man ... so good!

Spent an arvo with Hannah Smith, Nicholas Chalmers and Sam Smith. Shared some beers in their studio while they got busy with some work. Is always good to see other artists working in their places. Down behind their studio is a really nice river with this massive mall complex over the other side. It looked so bad that it became good.

I spent one of the nights at this amazing music spot called Zoo. Saw a really cool band named I Heart Hiroshima, who actually played my home town the next night. Outside in the lane way was a ping pong tournament, as well as this cat named Beau who playing some amazing dancehall beats. He also made a really nice cup of coffee at some coffee spot down the street. The whole party was organized by Matt from The Outpost for Fred Perry's 100th birthday. Top work Matt, it was super fun. Oh, and I stole these pics from The Outpost blog, hopefully the photographer doesn't mind.

Oh, and lastly. The most amazing place for coffee and toast is somewhere in Brisbane. I have no pics of it, or any idea where it was. But Matt's girl Kobi works there, and it's in an old pharmacy, and if you are part of a bike riding crew who wear lycra you can't stop by there. And also no phones are allowed. If you find it order a tomato and ricotta cheese on toast.